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What our clients say...

Client/Customer Testimonials


  • "Jim did an outstanding job adjusting to the group's needs and issues.  Listened well to group."

  • "Best communication I have experienced."

  • "Good objective views, always keeping goals in positive way, but had a tough job to do with this group."

  • "Best partnering seminar I have attended, and I have attended dozens.  Discussed theories and solved real-time problems."

  • "I was impressed by Jim's ability to work with one group distracted."

  • "It was very practical and focused."

  • "Asked the right questions, and dealt with them by using real world experiences and observations.  Very helpful."

  • "Jim pointed out how everything each person does has impacts on others, and he demonstrated how communication and coordination can be improved."

  • "Jim kept us on track and focused."

  • "He put problems on the table, and demonstrated the other side of the story."

  • "Jim is very easy to listen to, and gets his points across."

  • "Kept discussion moving, completed the session agenda ahead of schedule."

  • "Allowed all thoughts to be discussed, kept us moving, kept us on target."

  • "Jim instilled cooperation among all the participants on a very complex project."

  • "There was no dancing, but love was in the air.  In an unusual gesture of cooperation, the utility pledged to do its work in parallel with our work, instead of sequentially, as is their policy.  This is pivotal to our success on this project."

  • "Helped us discover that all the easements were not in place for key project disposal sites."

  • "Gave us a less threatening forum from which to problem solve some extremely sensitive and difficult issues."

  • "Thank you for leading us in a very productive partnering session. It was the most successful of the 3 partnering sessions I have participated in."

McCourt Construction Company

I believe people left with an open mind and a positive attitude towards the Cl 7AA project. Lines of communication, an understanding of potential concerns and possibilities for solutions to unforeseen pitfalls were addressed. I think everyone felt more comfortable with the challenges of this complex project as the meeting progressed.

I took forward to working with you again.


Ginger McCourt, Vice President


New York City Transit Authority

You helped us in conducting partnering sessions for the Frequency converter project. So let me go on record to thank you for your help.
I am happy to report that we met our goal of retiring the use of 25HZ power from Con-Edison in the last millennium itself. In fact we were
able to do it a few weeks ahead of schedule. By doing that the NYCTA was able to avoid a penalty of $13 million per year. The frequency converters are working fine. But we do experience occasional problems that are being addressed by the manufacturer. I want to thank you for your help in accomplishing the goal. The spirit of partnering that you instilled in the team was definitely instrumental in accomplishing the goal. The money that spent on it was really worthwhile. We have made it a requirement to have all projects in
our group to have partnering sessions as mandatory. I am sure we will meet again in some sessions soon.

Best regards

Tom Thottukadavil

Design Mgr, Capital Program Management



  • "Jim's performance was exceedingly effective.  He found the common ground that had eluded the parties up to that point, and achieved a fair settlement of a very difficult and contentious conflict."  Louis Pepe, Esq.

  • "I have no hesitation in recommending that people in need of mediation services strongly consider using Mr. Keil's talents."  Attorney Barbara Krause

Quality Management

  • "I consider Jim Keil to be one of the most forthright and supportive proponents of Quality in State Government.  He demonstrated real leadership in his support of process improvements through employee involvement."  Former Commissioner, Department of Administrative and Financial Services, State of Maine, H. Sawin Millett, Jr.

Public Policy Development

  • "On behalf of the Maine Board of Pesticides Control, I would like to thank you for your efforts in facilitating the work of the Pesticide Indoor Use Advisory Committee.  Your ability to keep the group focused and on track was critical in achieving the Board's mandate in this effort, namely ot develop recommendations for guidelines and/or standards for applications of pesticide products in indoor areas.  Issues involved in pesticide use situations range from extremely technical to extremely emotional.  Your involvement at the early stages of the porject with your expertise in public policy facilitation on environmental issues and strategic planning skills helped to prevent discord in the group.  The experience and knowledge of the state rule making process you brought with you was a bonus in that it kept the committee from trying to finalize documents which could only be forwarded as drafts."  Lebelle Hicks Ph.D.DABT, Pesticides Toxicologist, Maine Board of Pesticides Control



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