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Partnering for Construction/Environmental Projects

Adaptive Consulting Team specializes in facilitating contractual projects. Partnering is primarily known in the field of construction, where it is saving people thousands of dollars in avoided legal costs. Those involved in the construction industry have learned that unanticipated costs often lead to disputes which lead to protracted litigation, to decreased satisfaction among the participants on a job, and to decreased profits and job safety.

Partnering has been shown to work well in building the best road, the best school, the best building, the best bridge, the best tunnel. It has brought the most unlikely teams together, and raised the level of achievement for all. Adaptive Consulting Team combines decades of construction experience in all phases of work, and will help all parties to contracts, whether designers, owners or those responsible for construction to have realistic expectations about the specific processes of construction.

Facilitation makes everyone aware of how decisions relative to payment and performance will be made, who will make these decisions, and how long they should be expected to take. Our emphasis is on prevention, but we do not avoid the issue of disputes. Rather, we accept the fact that they will occur, and help the parties to develop modifications their own system for dealing with them in a timely and fair manner.


    • Clearly Defines Project Goals
    • Improves Teamwork
    • Reduces or Eliminates Claims Disputes

A Partnering Project Between Florida State University and Florida DEP which began with a kickoff meeting in January 1999, was the recipient of a Davis Productivity Award in 1999. The Davis Productivity Award program is a privately funded program that recognizes and rewards state government employees whose work measurably increases productivity and promotes innovation. The awards are made possible by the vision and generosity of the late J. E. Davis and his brother, the late A. D. Davis, co-founders of Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.. This partnering program was designed by Adaptive Consulting Team, who also facilitated all planning sessions and the kickoff meeting.


Project Alliances

The owner starts with an RFP that defines five or six objectives: in one example, time, cost, environmental protection, community relations, and safety.

The RFP does not include price as evaluation criteria. Instead, the RFP focuses on how capable the prospective bidders are of participating in the alliance partnership. The interviews are not about technical expertise or experience as much as they are about how they would respond as a member of a project alliance team.

The RFP list is shortened to two teams, and a two-day workshop is held with each to assess their ability to meet the owner's objectives. The proposing team then becomes part of the alliance team, along with the owner. The alliance team provides both the project design and the price for the work. The alliance team operates by consensus and creates a no-blame culture, where participants agree not to sue each other, and an outside firm audits the books, which are open to each alliance member.


The alliance team members share in pre-negotiated shares of profit and overhead. These are determined from the historical profit and overhead of each. The team members also agree to share pain as well as gain, again with pre-determined cost limits. If everyone succeeds in delivering all of the owner's objectives, team members share in additional bonuses. This risk/reward balance is the most difficult thing to achieve, but done properly, it is the embodiment of best practice theory, and it allows people to be innovative.


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