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Construction Risk

Self-Assessment Test

Print the following page and rate your individual Risk Items - Low, Medium, or High.

Total the Results and call Adaptive Consulting

Risk Item Low (1) Moderate (2) High (3) Total
 1.   Scope of Work        
 2.   General Conditions        
 3.   Owner Financing        
 4.   Financial Condition of GC        
 5.   GC Backlog        
 6.   Site Permits        
 7.   Environmental Permits        
 8.   Bid, Payment & Performance, Bonds        
 9.   Schedule Milestones        
 10. Plans & Specs        
      Working Drawings Ready        
      Material Submittals        
      Tie-ins - Are as builts Available?        
      Special Site Requirements        
      Site Conditions -known or unknown?        
      Utilities -known or unknown?        
      Forced Accounts working on Project?        
 11. Easements        
 12. Rights of Way        
 13. Trust among parties        
 14. Project Ownership & Representation        
      Construction Agency Involved at the Outset?        
      Using Agency Involved from the Beginning?        
 15. Subs Backlog        
 16. Abutter and Other Advocacy Groups        
 17. Community Political Considerations        
 18. Technology        
 19. Other Environmental Concerns        
 20. External Pressures: Traffic, Staging Areas, etc.        
 21. Equipment Lead Times        
 22. Project Management Oversight        


Total Score___________



               0-22   Risk is Low

             23-43   Consider an Evaluation Workshop

             44-66   Consider an Evaluation Workshop, and Monthly Follow-up Sessions

If you receive a score above 50, contact Adaptive Consulting for a free consultation regarding Partnering


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